CH Hilltop N' Highridge's Harliquins Dream

AM CH Sunwood Reflection Of Cosmo

AM CH Flashpoints Cosmic Ray ROM AM CH Motif's Chance For Justice ROM
BISS AM CH Flashpoints Justice For All ROM
AM CH Roobarb's Fat Albert
AM CH Flashpoint's Amazin Grace
Polser's Trace of Rudy AM CH Brandy's Polser's Valentino ROM
Miller's Top Hand
AM CH Flashpoints The Cat's Meow ROM
AM CH Sunwoods Congressman ROM
AM CH El-Bo Frontier Legend
Good Time Classic Melody
AM CH Roobarb's Hot Diggity ROM
AM CH Beacons Do-Go Sunny Of Sabe ROM
AM CH Gimps Hot Roobarb
Sunwood Dark Diva AM CH Sunwoods Mm-Mm Good
AM CH Sunwoods Designed By Cozmo AM CH Flashpoints Cosmic Ray ROM
AM CH Sunwood Detail By Design
Sunwood Eyes On Me ROM AM CH Sunwood Just Right
AM CH Sunwoods Eyezome
Sunwoods Star Fire AM CH Flashpoints Cosmic Ray ROM AM CH Motif's Chance For Justice ROM
AM CH Flashpoints The Cat's Meow ROM
Sunwood Capricious AM CH Sunwoods Senator
AM CH Sunwoods Capprice
AM CH Brio N Hilltop's Princess Tiger Lily ROM
AM CH Burling's Red Baron For Brio CGC RN ROM
CA CH Robb Isle Uncle Tom AM CH Katbird's One N Only Jazzman BISS AM CH Justamere's Showman Deja Vu ROM
Katbird's Kissin Clown CD OA OAJ ROM
AM CH Robb Isle Nancy Anne
AM/CA CH Maximillian's Robb Isle Duke
CA CH Robb Isle Disco Doll
CA CH Miss Sassa Frass Susie
CIB AM/CA CH Pequoag's Storm Warning ROM
BISS AM/CA CH Kennedy's Storm Watch Bramley ROM
BISS AM CH Pequoag's Designer Genes ROM
CA CH Burke's Lucky Lady Chelsey CA CH Soliloquy's Bet A King's Ransom
Burke's Lucky Miss Francine
AM GCH Brio's It's A Wonderful Life ROM
AM CH Pequoag's Time Keeper For T-Bo ROM
AM CH Kennedy's Bravo Play'n For Keeps ROM
AM CH Brandy's Kennedy-Rudolf Valentino ROM
Kennedy's Winning Ticket Loti
BISS AM CH Pequoag's Designer Genes ROM
AM CH Pat-Ed Pequoag NW Road Run'r ROM
Pequoag Ms Valentine ROM
AM CH Motif's Simply Elegant of Brio ROM
AM CH Oui's Victor Victorious RN ROM
AM CH Beacon's Destin To-be By Sabe ROM
AM CH WC's Victoria's Secret Of Oui ROM
AM CH Motif's Unsinkable Molly Brown
AM CH Motif's True Grit CD ROM
Emerald's Lady Justice De Motif ROM
AM - American AZ - Azerbaijan BE - Belgium BG - Bulgarian BK - Balkan
BR - Brazilian BY - Belarussian CA - Canadian CIB - Internat'l Beauty CH
CR - Costa Rican
CY - Cyprus CZ - Czech Republican DE - German GE - Georgian EE - Estonian
FI - Finnish FR - French HN - Honduras HR - Croatian INT - International
LT - Lithuanian LU - Luxembourg LV - Latvian MD - Moldovan ME - Montenegro
MK - Macedonian NL - Netherland NO - Norwegian NU - Niue PA - PanAmerican
PE - Peruvian PL - Polish RO - Romanian SE - Sweden SL - Slovenian
WW - World Winner

Highridge Boston Terriers and Dawn Mancine

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